United Kingdom: Abortion Figures on the Increase

In 2006, 193,737 abortions were carried out in the United Kingdom, 3.9% more than in 2005. This significant increase is mainly due to the fact that more and more teenagers have an abortion, treating it simply as a means of contraception. The nineteen-year-old age group currently has the highest number of abortions.

A total of 40,244 abortions were carried out on women aged 15 to 19, including 18,691 on under eighteens and 3,990 on under sixteens, despite the 40 million pounds of government funding recently allocated to "contraception education".
Next week, the British Medical Association is set to discuss new recommendations approved by its ethical committee which would allow women to abort within the first 13 weeks without the consent of two doctors.

For Lord Stell, a promoter of abortion legalisation, the latest abortion figures reveal a "regrettable" trend, particularly as regards the number of repeat abortions: in 2006, 32% of women who aborted had already aborted at least once before.